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• AC input range(176-264VAC) • Work normally at low temperature Of -35℃ • More than 87% of the efficiency • Machine plate soaked three anti paint • Protection type:short circuit/Overload • Heat dissipation with fan • Led power working indicator • Excellent quality and high reliability • 100% full load burn-in test

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  • Product feature:
    • AC input range(176-264VAC)
    •Work normally at low temperature Of -35℃
    •More than 87% of the efficiency
    •Machine plate soaked three anti paint
    •Protection type:short circuit/Overload
    •Heat dissipation with fan
    •Led power working indicator
    •Excellent quality and high reliability
    •100% full load burn-in test


    Suitable for:
    •Outdoor landscape lighting project
    •Led light emitting signs
    •Led low-voltage light belt lighting
    •-35℃low temperature environment site


    Product Description:
    DY-500W-R series is a single output aluminum profile rainproof power supply.The power supply adopts aluminum shell, the internal machine board is soaked in three anti-paint to protect the electronic components from moisture and dust, and has a complete protection function.DY-500W-R series is suitable for outdoor LED lighting captions, billboards, commercial display, etc.



    Electrical param eter:

    Model DY-500W-12-R DY-500W-24-R
    OUTPUT DC voltage 12V 24V
    rated current 41.6A 20.8A
    cuttent range 0-41.6A 0-20.8A
    rated output power 500W 500W
    ripples and noise ≤200mVp-p ≤300mVp-p
    output current range 11.5-12.5V 23-25V
    precision of output voltage regulation ±0.5% ±0.5%
    rate of lenear adjustment ±0.5% ±0.5%
    load adjustment rate ±0.5% ±0.5%
    The startup time ≤2s/230VAC
    INPUT keep the 10ms/230VAC
    voltage range 176-264VAC
    Frequency range 50Hz
    power factor PF≥0.6/230VAC
    efficiency ≥87% ≥89%
    alternating current 3.4A/230VAC
    surge current 50A/230VAC
    leakage current <5mA/230VAC
    PROTECTION  overload             110%-140%: rated 110%-140% of the total power input
    protection mode:Auto recovery mode.the system automatically recovers when abnormal load conditions are removed
    short circuit protection mode:Auto recovery mode.the system automatically recovers when abnormal load conditions are removed
    Over voltage   protection mode:self-recovery mode,automatic recovery when the overvoltage is removed
    over temperature protection mode:self-recovery mode,automatically recover when the temperature drops
    ENVIRONMEN working temperature -35~+50°C
    working humidity 20-90% RH
    storage temperature;humidity -30~+85°C; 10~95% RH
    temperature coefficient ±0.1%/°C(0-35°C)
    resistance to vibration 10-500Hz, 3G 10min. / 1 cycle,  60 min. each axes
    SAFETY&EMC safety norms EN60950 , GB4943.1 -2011
    withstand voltage l/P-O/P:1.5KVAC l/P-FG:1.5KVAC O/P-FG:0.5KVAC
    insulation impedance l/P-O/P, l/P-FG, 0/P-FG:100M Ohms / 500VDC / 25°C/ 70% RH
    EMC --
    other protection grade IP23
    MTBF ≥30khour 25℃
    power supply size L207*W120*H56mm
     power supply weight 506g
    NOTE 1.Unless otherwise specified , all specification are measured at an input of 230VAC,rarted negative cut,and ambient temperature of  25°C
    2.Ripple and noise measurement method:the measured end is connected in parallel with a 0.1uF+10uF capacitor,the oscilloscope is set to 20MHZ bandwidth,and the probe is tested with cap off and full load at 25°C
    3.Accuracy :includes setting error , linear adjustment rate and load adjustment rate .
    4. The output power is reduced when the input voltage is less than 200VAC.





    Correct installation of the power supply 
    1.It is only used for vertical wall-mounted installation of outdoor rainproof power supply. Do not lean forward, lean back, or horizontal during installation. The installation method should be standardized. 


    2.The above picture shows the correct installation method of vertical wall hanging.
    3.To dissipate heat, keep a distance of 10 cm from both sides (left/right) and 30 cm from the lower end of the fan port, as shown in the following figure.