Light Strip Knowledge

Ultra practical lamp Belt Selection & Installation Guide

About the light belt: Usually hidden in the ceiling, wall or ground, By hiding their presence and weakening it,

The light strip is designed like this, which is even more advanced than the star's home. It is so beautiful!

The bedroom is mainly a place for us to rest, the light does not need to be too harsh, this time the soft light is very suitable for installation in the bedroom, can play the role of beautifying the space and concave and convex modeling, but also can avoid the glare of lamps. Therefore, Minghong usually uses warm lights to set off the atmosphere of the bedroom, to create a warm and comfortable environment, can be used in the ceiling, walls, bed and other areas, flexibility is strong.

What is a light strip? What does it do?

Lamp belt refers to the LED lamp with a special processing technology welded on the copper wire or strip flexible circuit board, and then connected to the power source light, because its light shape like a strip named. Now let the Fuzhou decoration company to give us a detailed introduction to the light belt is what? What does it do?

LED light strip with what glue stick suitable?

What kind of glue is used in LED lamp belt? There are a variety of glue, different performance, applicable substrate is also different, there are fast drying glue, there are slow drying glue, many silicone assembly plants in order to figure convenient, rapid mass production, will choose fast drying glue, fast drying glue is strong, but it can only play a fixed effect, but there are no waterproof, high temperature resistance, aging resistance and other problems.

Lamp with small | LED light strip and installation of the application of knowledge

The LED strip is an assembly of LED lights on a strip of PCB flexible linear circuit board, because its product shape like a strip, hence its name. Long service life, energy saving and environmental protection, LED strips can be used indoors, outdoors or semi-outdoor. At present, LED light belt in a variety of decoration industry is favored, Xiaobian to give you a brief talk about the application and installation of LED light belt knowledge.
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