Ultra practical lamp Belt Selection & Installation Guide


2022-12-27 16:13

About the light belt:

Usually hidden in the ceiling, wall or ground,

By hiding their presence and weakening it,

The lamp belt is mainly divided into soft lamp belt and hard lamp belt.

Soft lamp belt - can be cut, bent, folded at will, can also be extended at will and the light will not be affected, and will not be broken.


Hard light strip - easy to fix, processing and installation is more convenient,

But can not bend freely, can not be used in irregular places.


Make sure you know what to do with your lights before you lay them out.

First, local lighting supplement light source

The strip is not as bright as a spot light,

But there is a certain brightness,

Can play a certain light supplement, for some lighting dead corners, he can be effective ornament.

Two, decoration

One of the biggest functions of the lamp belt is to decorate.

With the design of ceiling, display rack, etc., directly enhance the appearance level and grade.

Third, increase the sense of spatial hierarchy

Light belt design with a sense of line, used for space design ornament,

Effectively show the outline, the sense of hierarchy.


How to choose a light strip?

First, the glow has to be uniform.

Observe the brightness between the beads,

And whether the end and end of the lamp belt brightness is consistent

Light the desired lengths side by side and observe directly with your eyes.

Secondly, the light color should be consistent.

Which is the color of light (color temperature),

It's easy to see if the color difference is significant.

You also need to pay attention to whether the band is continuous.

To see if there is any shadow in the light, to see if there is no broken area,

This directly affects the effect of lighting, can be directly discernible to the naked eye.

Finally, you need to consider his maximum wire length.

The longer the connection length, the better,

The longer the distance, the more power is saved,

Before selecting a lamp strip, know the maximum connection length it allows.



How to use and install the light belt?

Come on, come on! Here comes the ultimate dry goods!

As for the use of the light belt and a more detailed guide to selecting it, Mr. Semple has talked to you before,

You can directly click the blue title below the link review oh ~

Next, Mr. Senpu is going to actually teach you how to install the lamp belt,

This will help you to prepare the layout of the strip design in advance according to the effect you want!

1. Wardrobe, bookshelf and other scenes

For this kind of scenario, it is recommended that you choose the best hidden embedded installation method.

This requires slotting in advance where the light belt will be installed,

For example, if you are going to install light strips inside cabinets,

It is necessary to inform the designer when designing the cabinet to open slots in advance to reserve the position of the lamp belt.

So that it looks more beautiful and not obtrusive.

Two, the lamp groove

Lifting the design concept of "light wall washing",

The application in the lamp slot can be completely singled out and explained to you.

Indirect light from the backlight slot,

Make the space more open and the lighting softer.

The different installation positions of lamps and lanterns will have different effects.

① The light source is placed at the bottom of the lamp groove

Minimal light, just like the skyline.

The light source can be completely hidden, and the lamp slot needs to be left with a large space,


The light source is placed on the side of the lamp groove to light the wall

A gradient effect is presented to increase the sense of hierarchy.

The light source is placed on the top of the lamp groove

This installation position has the highest light output efficiency,

Can wash the whole wall, even the ground can shine, can make the space more open visually.

Which effect do you prefer

And finally, I want to remind you,

To install the lamp belt in the lamp slot, be sure to use the acrylic shell to fix the soft lamp belt, otherwise the light will be like this...

Three, decorative lighting scene

In fact, wardrobe, display cabinet also belongs to a decorative lighting.

In addition, when the wall, stairs, corridors and such scenes are decorated with lights, the light source is usually directly exposed.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose uniform COB lamp strips for such scenes.

It doesn't have the grainy surface of a light source, it doesn't have the jagged surface,

The light spreads out evenly, which makes it softer,

The lighting is better and the lighting is more beautiful.

When installing, determine the installation position and mark,

Then use cutting machine and other tools to slot can ~

Senior sense full decorative line light design effect comes out ~



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Welding short circuit: Generally, new employees operate irregularly and have the habit of throwing tin slag during welding. Some of these tin slag will be thrown onto the power pin, causing a short circuit.



Ultra practical lamp Belt Selection & Installation Guide

About the light belt: Usually hidden in the ceiling, wall or ground, By hiding their presence and weakening it,



The light strip is designed like this, which is even more advanced than the star's home. It is so beautiful!

The bedroom is mainly a place for us to rest, the light does not need to be too harsh, this time the soft light is very suitable for installation in the bedroom, can play the role of beautifying the space and concave and convex modeling, but also can avoid the glare of lamps. Therefore, Minghong usually uses warm lights to set off the atmosphere of the bedroom, to create a warm and comfortable environment, can be used in the ceiling, walls, bed and other areas, flexibility is strong.