What should we pay attention to when installing the lamp belt in the living room?


2022-12-27 15:18

The decoration of the house will involve a lot of projects, among which the installation of the lamp belt is a very important project. The decoration of the lamp belt is very strong, and it can also create a romantic atmosphere. So more and more families will consider installing light belts. So is the living room equipped with light belt suitable? What should we pay attention to when installing the living room lamp belt?

What is a light strip

A lot of people may not know much about the light belt, let me introduce you to the light belt. The lamp belt is the LED lamp welded on the copper wire or circuit board with a unique process, connected to the power to emit light, because the shape of the light is like a band, so the name of the lamp belt.

The living room installed light belt, can create a soft atmosphere for the living room. The light belt has a variety of luminous colors, adjustable light, controllable color and other effects, bringing colorful visual experience to the space.

Shall we install light belts in the living room

1, the living room is not installed with light belt, is actually a matter of personal preference, because some people feel that the light belt is redundant, some light belt quality is not good, a year is not bright, and then to replace the new, the results found that the effect and the original, more troublesome, but also a waste of time and energy.

2, many owners think that the lamp belt can create a unique atmosphere, do a circle of pendant lamp to hide the lamp belt in the ceiling, highlighting the home style, especially American or mixed style decoration style, very need the decoration of the lamp belt.

3, in general, the choice of the lamp belt is a matter of personal preference, the price of one meter lamp belt is about 10 yuan, the price is not too expensive, if the decoration style of the home and the lamp belt is very match, or can choose.

How to install the living room light belt

The LED light belt is used in the living room, without exposure to wind and rain, and the operation is very simple. When installing, there is a double-sided tape on the back of each type of LED light belt. Directly tear off the sticker on the surface of the double-sided tape, and then fix the lamp strip on the place where it needs to be installed. Press it flat with your hand.

If there is a corner or a very long place, a series and parallel method of three LED belts is used to form a circuit structure, which can be used independently for every three LED cuts.

LED running horse lights and RGB full color lights want to achieve the effect of change, you need to use the controller, and the control distance of each controller is different, generally speaking, the distance of the simple controller is 10~15m, the distance of the remote control controller is 15~20m, long can be controlled for 30 meters. If the connection distance of the LED strip is very long, and the controller cannot control the long strip, you can use a power amplifier to solve the problem.

Plug the pin into the lamp belt in advance, and then plug the power cord into the lamp belt, and then test whether the lamp belt is on. If it is not on, it may be inserted backwards or not into the hole. If it is inserted backwards, just pull out the power cord of the lamp belt and adjust the direction before inserting.

The above is the introduction of the living room light belt installation method, to sum up, the living room light belt installation operation is simple, not very complex, in addition to the living room installed light belt mainly depends on the decoration style and their own preferences, their own home.


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The light strip is designed like this, which is even more advanced than the star's home. It is so beautiful!

The bedroom is mainly a place for us to rest, the light does not need to be too harsh, this time the soft light is very suitable for installation in the bedroom, can play the role of beautifying the space and concave and convex modeling, but also can avoid the glare of lamps. Therefore, Minghong usually uses warm lights to set off the atmosphere of the bedroom, to create a warm and comfortable environment, can be used in the ceiling, walls, bed and other areas, flexibility is strong.