How to install the light belt? What are the installation steps? What should I pay attention to?


2022-12-27 15:32

With the continuous changes in the form of home decoration ceiling, the types of lamps installed indoors are more and more. For example, the lights installed in the previous home are basically ceiling lights or chandeliers. But if you look at it now, you will see that there are downlights, spotlights, and light strips. In particular, the appearance of recesses in the ceiling of our home has led to the extensive use of light belts. But if the lamp belt installation is not good, it is easy to appear not bright or flash the problem. Therefore, for the installation of the light belt in the home decoration, we should master the specific installation method. In this article, the household miscellaneous altar to answer the question of the installation of the lamp belt.

(1) : Connection of lamp belt

The light strip, I don't know if you've seen it. Light strips are available in a variety of sizes according to our requirements. Like a plate of light belt may reach dozens of meters, but there are also short 1 meters, there are two meters, so the installation of the light belt in our home first to determine the specific connection of the light belt. For example, the light belts installed in the ceiling are basically installed using rows of light belts. Therefore, follow the steps below to determine the connection of the lamp belt.

①, determine the length of the lamp belt to be installed, and then take an integer according to the installation length to intercept. Like our common lamp belt, it is about 1m per unit, so we need to ensure that the unit will not be damaged when we intercept. This requires cutting at the cutting edge so that the circuit is not affected. If we intercept at will, part of the lamp beads may not be bright. So the first step is to determine the length and then intercept.

②, fixed. As the light belts used in our home are not considered waterproof, because the light belts are installed in our ceiling groove, so the installation is very simple. For example, most of our common LED lamp belts have self-adhesive belts on their backs. We just use its self-adhesive tape and paste it directly into the groove.

(3) Connection of lamp belt. After we paste the lamp belt into the groove of our ceiling using self-adhesive, it is ready to connect the lamp belt. If we are worried about the lamp belt moving, then we can take some double-sided tape to fix it again. Finally, hold it flat with your hand. This is where we need to connect the light strip. Like LED lamp belt is generally three LED as a group of series or parallel circuit structure, so we directly disconnect these parts. If there is a joint in the middle, be sure to take a special soldering method to connect. But try to avoid this situation, as far as possible to take the whole section of light belt installation.

(2) : power supply connection

①/ The second step in installing a light belt at home is to install a power source. Like our lamp belt is generally reserved in the top plate with a power supply, and then we control through the indoor light switch, so our second step is to connect the lamp belt power supply. The specific steps can be as follows to complete.

②, the voltage of the common LED lamp belt is basically 12V, so they need to use a specific power supply to power. At this time, the size of the power supply is selected according to the power and length of our lamp belt. At this time is generally a circuit of the lamp belt, the use of a power supply is basically OK. Of course, we can also use a general power supply to control, then we need to buy a relatively large switching power supply as the general power supply, and then all the electrical LED lights with input power connected. The biggest advantage of this is centralized control. The other is to switch on and off a single loop control, then we are based on the installed light belt selection.

(3) : connection of controller

①, like our common LED light belt in the installation, generally there are different controllers. And this controller, this controller, is used to implement all kinds of color changes. For different light belts, the control distance of each controller is different. Like our most common simple controller general control distance of 10~15m, remote control distance of about 15~20m, the longest can reach 30m. For the home light belt controller, also want reasonable choice.

②, choose suggestions. For the home decoration of the installation of the lamp belt, generally we want to see the length of the lamp belt. In fact, like a family, is generally 10~15m, some long is 15~20m, not too long. So just buy the regular controller that comes with it. But if you do have a particularly long strip, you need to use a power amplifier to break it down.

(4) Matters needing attention

①, we must pay attention to some problems in the light belt installed at home. Because the installation and fixing of the lamp belt is indeed very simple, but if the installation does not meet the requirements, it may lead to the lighting of the whole lamp belt is prone to problems, especially leading to the LED lamp belt heating, which will burn our ceiling position after a long time. So these are things that we need to focus on.

①. The connection distance of the LED lamp belt should be controlled reasonably. For example, we are more common 3528 series of LED light belt and connection distance, the longest can not exceed 20m. If it is 5050 series LED light belt, the longest connection distance cannot exceed 15m. So when we install the light belt at home, we should reasonably control its length according to the light belt we choose.

② Each lamp belt must be equipped with a special plug. Like the plug is with a transformer, we can take down the transparent plastic cover plate when we install it, connect it, and finally cover it, so that it is not easy to cause short circuit. Here we focus on one point is must not be directly connected with the cover, otherwise it may cause short circuit.

(3) When cutting the lamp belt, we must pay attention to the sign of cutting. Like some of the qualified light tape is cut mark, you can look at it. When we cut the lamp belt, we only allowed the cutting at the mark, because the wrong cutting or the wrong cutting may cause the real lamp belt to be not bright within 1m range. So make sure you read the sign before you cut it. Also notice if the sign is in the center.

Concluding remarks

On the installation of the lamp belt, in fact, the method is very simple. After our home decoration, it can be fixed directly in the groove of the ceiling circle. What you're going to focus on here is the connection of the light belt. Because a lot of homes will find this problem is that the lamp strip after a while starts to flash and then burns out. And some families found that our ceiling parts slowly turned yellow, in fact, these are caused by the improper selection and installation of the light belt. Therefore, in this article, the focus of the household miscellany to answer the lamp installation steps, as well as matters needing attention. You can have a brief look before installing the light belt.


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